Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Memories of Doonvilla with June O'Hanlon

Fraser Coast Libraries interviewed  June O'Hanlon as part of the Oral History Series. June was born and lived all her life in Maryborough. She told of the Maryborough State High School and the family's legacy of attendance.
Maryborough Girls Grammar School. Image part of the Library Collection
She also talked of the war years and ration books. June's father was a carpenter and she was lucky enough to live in the Homestead Doonvilla for a short time. She describes the vast building and the grounds.

Her interview will be put up on our Youtube channel.

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Monday, 16 April 2018

Tom Petrie's Reminiscences of Early Queensland

Tom Petrie's daughter, Constance Campbell Petrie of Murrumba North Pine, claims she "determined as far as lay in my power to save from oblivion by resenting in book form, the vast body of information garnered in the perishable storehouse of one man's- my father's - memory" (Petrie, 1904,Preface).

The book she wrote is called Tom Petrie's reminiscences and is part of the Queensland Archives Copyright Free Collection. The information in the book dates from 1837. A summary of  a journal of an expedition to the Wide Bay River in 1842 is the topic of Chapter VI found on page 258.
Petrie concluded that the "Wide Bay River is navigable for a vessel drawing 9 ft of water for about forty miles up." (Petrie,1904 p.258)
This and many other notes appeared in the Queenslander in the form of articles before being published in this book. His daughter claims in Petrie, 1904, Preface her father's "association with the Queensland Aborigines from early boyhood was so intimate and extended" and this is reflected in much of this content. 

Even in 1950 this was thought to be an important book about the early days as stated in an article from the Maryborough Chronicle Tuesday November 21st, 1950

Fraser Coast Libraries also has a later Edition in the Local History Collection.

Petrie, Tom & Petrie, Constance Campbell, 1873-1926 (2013). Tom Petrie's reminiscences of early Queensland : (dating from 1837) (Queensland classic edition). Salisbury, Brisbane Watson Ferguson & Company

Newspapers Home - Trove. (2016). Trove. Retrieved 13.3.2018,from

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Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Having a Voice Launch - Gataker's Artspace

Lillian Coyne and Library Technician Deborah McCall

The Libraries' local history project, Having a Voice, endeavoured to record oral histories of people who traditionally did not have a voice. Communities of interest included women, Australian Chinese, Aborigines, Australian South Sea Islanders and poor rural people. The exhibition consists of portraits and oral history videos and was launched at Gatakers Artspace on the 6th April, 2018. Councillor George Seymour attended the event as did many of the participants. 
Acting Mayor Councillor George Seymour, Regional Librarian Tara Webb and Juanita Shang

Regional Librarian Tara Web and  FC Libraries First Five Forever Project Officer Fay Fleiter 
The interviews can be found on our youtube page\frasercoast libraries
Information Services Librarian Kathy Shilvock, Gregory Eaton, Phyllis Klupp and Dudley Byquar

It is a registered Heritage Festival Event and will be at Gatakers Artspace from the 6-29 April, 2018. 

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Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Book Launch at Hervey Bay Historical Village and Museum - Equine Epitaph

Ellie the Brumby photo by Sonia Hutchinson 

On May 17th at 10am the Hervey Bay Historical Village and Museum, located at Zephyr Street Pialba, will host the launch of Fred Williams new book Equine Epitaph - Under the Rainbow - Fraser Island's Last Brumby. Fred Williams  was born and educated at Mentone Grammar in Victoria, Australia. Williams relocated to the State of Queensland in 1969 and over the next few years developed a special passion and interest in the history of Fraser Island. Writing as a student of history at first, it soon developed into an all-consuming interest in researching the first of four books on Fraser Island: Written in Sand, Princess K’Gari’s Fraser Island, Wangoolba Prince Amongst Dingoes. Williams also wrote a historical fiction about his great grandparent’s immigration to Port Phillip (Melbourne) on-board the American clipper ship Red Jacket, titled OH! Brother Against all Odds.
Williams’ latest book is titled Equine Epitaph - Under the Rainbow –Fraser Island’s Last Brumby. It is a window into the history of the wild horses from 1879 until 1971 (91 years) before the QPWS took over management of the  world’s largest island of sand. Forestry pioneers like Vi and Fred Epps and forestry ranger Billy the Bushman take us through the story.We learn information about the horses’ management during those cardinal 91+ years. The book retraces the footprints of one such brumby Ellie who left the Island in November, 1997. Ellie will be at the launch to make your acquaintance and pose for a photograph.
Published with consent of Fred Williams and John Andersen
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Sunday, 18 March 2018

Sauer's Bridge over Munna creek named in honour of War Services

Bridge opening 1935 Eastern side Sauer's Bridge Glen Echo Road Miva. Image part of the Wayne Sauer Collection.
Bridge opening 1935 Western side of bridge.  Sauer's Bridge Glen Echo Road Miva. Image part of the Wayne Sauer Collection.

Tiaro Library had a visit from Wayne Sauer who revealed some history about his grandfather, William Henry Sauer and how his name was on a Bridge at Glen Echo Road, Miva. Wayne's Grandfather, William Sauer was a Councillor for the Tiaro Shire Council from 8th February 1932 to 1st May, 1943 and he was chairman for the Tiaro Shire Council from 1st May, 1948 to 28th May,1949.

Source TroveThe Queenslander (Brisbane, Qld. : 1866 - 1939)Thu 7 Feb 1935

In early 1934 flood waters had carried away the bridge which crossed the Munna Creek. A new structure was built some two hundred yards down from the site of the old bridge, with the official opening held on the 19th January 1935.In December the Tiaro Shire Council decided that the new bridge be named Sauer's Bridge as a recognition of Councillor W. Sauer's war services and his efforts to have the bridge built. William Sauer fought in World War One. He was transported on the ship Kyarra to the war landing in Alexandra on 28th August,1915 and transferred to France in 1916.  He was wounded in the Battle of Pazieres in August 1916.

large crowd of 300 people were present at the grand opening. More information can be found in the Trove article of the 21 January, 1935.
A crowd neighbouring 300 people. Image part of the Wayne Sauer Collection.
The bridge is no longer standing.  The Tiaro Shire Council replaced it with a cement bridge about 15 years ago.

William Henry Sauer was born on the 6th March, 1893 in Queensland, Australia. He died on 6th March, 1958 in Miva, Queensland. He was buried in Dickabram Cemetery. He married Mrs A. A. Sauer.

Did you ever use this bridge?

Published with consent from Wayne Sauer

Newspapers Home - Trove. (2016). Trove. Retrieved 13.3.2018, from

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Wednesday, 7 March 2018

History Chat is off to a start in 2018 with Bauple Museum

Representatives from Brennan and Geraghty's Store Museum, Burrum and District Museum and Wide Bay Hospital Museum and others interested in history attended the Maryborough Library to find our about Bauple Museum's vision and current projects.

The first History Chat session was held at the Maryborough Library on Tuesday the 6th March, 2018. Despite inclement weather Bauple Museum representatives Jenny and Dorree talked about their vision, recent workshop with Lydia Egunnike - Museum Development Officer from Queensland Museum Network and the opening of the new coffee shop. 

The fascinating contents of Bauple Museum
The Libraries shared information about the State Library of Queensland Digitisation toolkit.  The Resources from Galleries Libraries Archives and Museums organisation -  GLAM Peak organisation was shared and follows:
GLAM Peak, the initiative driven by Museums Galleries Australia (MGA) and National and State Libraries Australasia (NSLA), with support from the Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) has developed a national framework to support digitisation and digital access to collections for the GLAM sector. GLAM Peak is the industry peak body in Australia.
GLAM Peak’s Digital Access to Collections initiative includes a Draft national framework, Case Studies, a program of Workshops including two in Queensland and a Toolkit designed to assist volunteers and staff in small to medium organisations that are collecting digital items, undertaking digitisation and providing online access(source Anne Scheu, Engagement Officer, State Library of Queensland).
Participants of History Chat were keen to see some workshops and visits to occur this year. One suggestion was a workshop regarding the catalogue tool Inmagic . Ken Brooks has confirmed he will conduct this workshop on the 8th of May, 2018 in the Maryborough Creative Space from 12 to 2, so mark the date in your diaries!
The next History Chat will be on the Tuesday 5th of June, 2018 at 12 noon in the Maryborough Creative Space. Come along and have a cuppa and a chat. The Wide Bay Hospital Museum will be presenting their projects and vision and sharing information about their open day.

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Sunday, 4 March 2018

Earls in the local area - the Ducie/Moreton Story

The ancestral “Torthworth” Castle on the Estate.

There are many fascinating stories in the history of our area especially from the 1850’s onward with the influx of immigrants into Maryborough, especially from the United Kingdom, Germany and Denmark. Perhaps one of the most interesting and least known story concerns the Ducie/Moreton family and their connection with our area up to the present day.
The Earldom of Ducie, second largest Estate in England, dating back to the 1600’s, was involved in Government in the UK over the centuries. In 1850, the younger brothers of the then Earl, realising that they would never inherit the title as it passed from father to son, migrated to Australia and arrived in Maryborough.
The Honourable Basil Moreton and his wife Alison, greet Queen Elizabeth.
By a strange quirk of fate, in the period from 1850 to now, none of the subsequent Earls produced sons and four Earls of Ducie have been from Maryborough and Hervey Bay.The family name, Moreton, is well represented in this area and much wider with the Moreton Telegraph Station on Cape York and Ducie Island in the Pacific.
Fourth Earl, B.B. Moreton was a local MP, 5th Earl, Capel Moreton married a Miss Bryant from Maryborough and both are buried in the Maryborough Cemetery, 6th Earl, Basil Moreton, cane farmer from Nikenbah was instrumental in restructuring the estate when he inherited the title in 1953 and his son David, the current 7th Earl, who was born here and still retains his Australian citizenship, makes regular trips back to Hervey Bay.
There are many great stories concerning the Earls but none is more fascinating than the current Earl, the Honorable David Moreton, finding a folio of water colour paintings in an old barn on the family Estate, Tortworth, in 2007. They had remained hidden in the barn for over 200 years. The paintings have been verified as the works of a young George Raper, a seaman on the 1st Fleet to Australia, in 1788. The entire collection is now in the National Gallery, Canberra and is called the Ducie Collection.
Part of the extensive Ducie Collection at Hervey Bay Historical Museum and Village
The Hervey Bay Historical Village & Museum has an extensive permanent display relating to the Moreton/Ducie family and its connection with the Fraser Coast. Apart from  many personal items, five  copies of the paintings are on display.
To see the display you can visit the museum:
Friday and Saturday
1 - 4.30pm
10.30am  - 4.30pm

13 Zephyr Street
Scarness Qld 4655
07 4128 4804 (Open Hours)

Written and published with consent from: John Andersen, Historian, Hervey Bay Historical Village & Museum.
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