Thursday, 18 January 2018

New Technology at the Hervey Bay Family History Association Inc.

Hervey Bay Family History Association Inc. works out of the Fraser Coast Libraries' Hervey Bay Branch.  A partnership between Fraser Coast Libraries and this group of dedicated volunteers has been successfully running for over a decade. The volunteers have access to a vast array of family history data bases and will help with queries from the public for free. Seven computers are available to search the data bases as well.
Hervey Bay Family History Association's new Microfilm reader.
Did you know they now have a new state of the art book scanner and microfilm reader?

Hervey Bay Family History Association's new Book Scanner 

The public is welcome to use these facilities during library opening hours.

Have you ever wondered about your family history?

Come along and get a hand from the friendly volunteers and have a try of the newly acquired technology.

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Monday, 15 January 2018

Butchulla Celebration Day was held at Central Station

On the 28th of October, 2017 a Butchulla Celebration Day was held at Central Station, K’gari to recognise the third anniversary of the Butchulla People Native Title Consent Determination which was recognised on the 24 October, 2014.
A committee of Elders and community members spent months organising the 2017 anniversary of government recognition of Butchulla People as traditional custodians of Fraser Island. All attendees caught the barge from River Heads and then buses to Central Station. On arrival to Central Station, Butchulla attendees and invited guests were cleansed with smoke and water as they entered the ceremonial grounds. Attendees then walked the pathway which was decorated with artworks. 
The dance ceremony occurred through-out the day.
Butchulla dance showcased connection to birds and animals and Butchulla song men and dancers renewed connection to country and strength of culture. Butchulla Linguist, Joyce Bonner, shared Butchulla language as an integral part of the day. The community was invited to join the final farewell dance. Face painting for children, sharing a meal, gifts and awards were important parts of the event. 
Published with consent from The Butchulla Aboriginal Corporation.

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Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Welcome Back Mary Ann - 2nd edition available now.

A second edition of the Fraser Coast Chronicle project, Welcome Back Mary Ann by Nancy Bates, has been printed with extra content.The Queensland Locomotive's story starting in 1873 is documented in this publication which is available for sale at $20 a copy from the Bonds Store Museum and the Walker Street News. The locomotive is owned by Council but is maintained and run by a special group of dedicated volunteers who are members of the Maryborough City Whistle Stop Inc. organisation.

In one of the stories, Peter Olds tells us the original Mary Ann was built to assist with the harvesting of Kauri Pine (Agathis robusta) logs (Bates, 2017).He writes about the fascinating story of his friend Bob Walton and how a small sprout has grown into a Kauri with a girth of almost two metres.

This and many more fascinating insights about the Locomotive can be found in this publication.The library also has copies for loan.

Bates, N. (2017) Welcome Back Mary Ann  - The Story of the rebirth of a Queensland locomotive legend (2nd ed.) Maryborough Queensland:Bates Quick Print

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Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Kunurang Krew; Cultural Exchange to New Zealand

The Kunurang Krew is an Indigenous Dance Group from Maryborough. Kunurang means Brolga in the local Badtjala Language and is the symbol the group has chosen to represent the team.

Ally, Mietta and Tess are part of the Krew.


The Kunurang Krew is made up of nine local Indigenous kids aged between nine and fifteen. The dance group has been performing at local events this year and are having a lot of fun learning the songs and dances for these performances. 

The children, families and supporters are busily fundraising to source funds they need to participate in a Planned Cultural Immersion program which involves a trip to New Zealand in February.If everything goes to plan, while in New Zealand, the group will be performing at a major festival in Auckland. They will also provide cultural workshops at schools and for communities.

The Kunurang Krew is working closely with local Indigenous organisation - Stepping Black.A core objective of this not-for-profit organisation is to create innovative prospects through culture and ensure Indigenous children of the local community are provided with positive pathways leading to long term engagement through sustainable partnerships.The vision is to maintain strong cultural connection to create new pathways that help improve the quality of life for future Indigenous families in the Fraser Coast Community.The group has received great local support for their various fundraising efforts.Details about their activities can be found on the facebook page here with the major raffle to be announced on the 22nd of December, 2017.

Published with consent from Peter Skuthorpe-Spearim

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Tuesday, 5 December 2017

John Andersen - part of the legacy of Electricity in Hervey Bay

John Andersen
The Fraser Coast Libraries Having a Voice Series will culminate in an Exhibit at Gatakers ArtSpace in April, 2018. As part of this series John Andersen was recently interviewed. He is a member of a multi-generational Andersen legacy that has influenced the shape of Hervey Bay. John talks about the establishment of the original power station where Coles stands now. His Grandfather, who John says was an amazing inventor and whatever he thought about he could do, established the first power station. John tells us other business people would ask how he had lights in his workshop at night, where he worked on wood to build the pier. He decided to build a power station so others could have lights and power. To hear this and other interesting things about the early years of Hervey Bay keep an eye on our YouTube page for his story to be published.

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Thursday, 30 November 2017

Oral History Workshop with Oral History Queensland

Lesley Jenkins conducting the oral history workshop at Hervey Bay
Do you know anybody that has an interesting life history? 

Have you ever wanted to capture all their knowledge and stories?

Oral History recordings are a great way to capture these memories. We were lucky to work with Oral History Queensland to run workshops at Maryborough and Hervey Bay branches. The presenter, Lesley Jenkins, shared her wealth of oral history experience. She is a recipient of a Churchill Scholarship in Oral History and has published material on the subject.

Participants have a turn at recording Oral History 

Participants  including: a Maryborough and Family Heritage Institute member and local authors; at Hervey Bay learning the ethics behind Oral History Recordings.
Maryborough Participants including members from Proud Marys, Bauple Museum , Burrum and District Mining Museum, Brennan and Geraghty's Store and Maryborough Wide Bay and Burnett Historical Society Inc.
Participants included members of  museums/heritage institutes, local authors and general public interested in the topic.

All left with a clear idea about how to record and transcribe these interviews, the ethics to be considered and copyright laws.

Interestingly, most of these recordings can be easily done using a smart phone with a microphone attachment - so most of us are able to record the memories of those family and community members we wish to preserve.

Her book - Talking Together: A Guide to Community Oral History Projects, OHAA Qld Inc, 1999. will be available in the library.  An Oral History Queensland publication -Oral History Handbook (Fifth Edition) by Beth M Robertson will also be available.

Both these publications are highly recommended guidelines for those beginning a project or wanting to improve a project they are working on.  To join Oral History Queensland more details can be found here 

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Monday, 27 November 2017

Aboriginal Welcoming Space; Hervey Bay

Deirdre Gordon with her artwork at Hervey Bay Branch of the Fraser Coast Libraries
The Fraser Coast Libraries have been working on creating an Aboriginal Welcoming Space at the Hervey Bay Branch. The libraries were lucky enough to get a visit from Butchulla artist Deirdre Gordon. Her artwork is a representation of childhood events and she is delighted to have it displayed in this space. We will be adding more items to this area over the coming months and are excited to have this beautiful display at this branch.
Butchulla artist Deirdre Gordon
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